Three oracle pick a card piles from the Spellcasting Oracle deck: pile 1 - polar bear, pile 2 - cat, and pile 3 - hedgehog

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  1. Nice reading, well done.

    How did it resonate? When reading, I never know, but then I wrote things down as suggested and it becomes more interesting, more familiar. I love to challenge myself, and I hope the Universe hears this <3

    * Confidence helps me focus on achieving the task at hand. I have a lot of experience is overcoming difficulat situations. I can adapt to what is happening without overthinking and simply doing what is needed.

    * Gratitude helps me avoid dissatisfaction and remembering how the basic things are the most valuable. Not riches, but wealth. Not things, but values. Stoic way of life helps me remain undistracted.

    * Prayers help me open the connection to the God (notice the capital G). I am a limited being and a human afterall, so there are things which are out of my control. Therefore praying is a way to humble the materialistic mind. Is voice not releated to breathing, and thus spirit? So I pray for us all, to be happy, free from suffering, live with joy and remain equanimous.

    Thank you, Emary *~