Three oracle pick a card piles with flower illustrations on them

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  1. Hi Emmamarie. I miss chatting with you more often. I have been too sick. This PA dropped me from 2 mg Dilaudid every 6 hours to 5mg Percoset every 6 hours 3 days ago. I am still sick. Still shaking. Constant migraine. I changed it to every 5 hours yesterday but still not well today. I have an emergency call in with the doctor and am still waiting to hear back. Life can be so hard. I did your “When will it Happen” and picked Orange flower. It looks like I will get through this final phase soon, but not yet. Need to try to continue meditating (even though everything hurts) but I will eventually get through this. I am behind in your readings but know you are having sleep problems again. I am in bed all day but cannot sleep. I am even taking CBD gummies for pain (they are legal in NJ) but they just make my symptoms worse and I withdraw from them felling worse. So sorry you are having sleep problems again. I understand. Even sick, my heart races and I do not sleep. Period. I cannot even imagine what you are going through. I am so blah I can’t do anything and have to accept these days. I can’t fight it or I will lose. I pray that the universe sends us healing powers and angels to help us get through this period. Thanks for being my friend. I know the light will come back… Peace….

  2. Thanks again Emma! I wanted to know when I’d be living in my own home (apt dweller), & my kid moved across the country this year, & I Really want to move near them, or them come back home. Thanks for answering these questions for me Emma👍❤️

  3. I have not been paid repeatedly. I need the money to bring Jayantha and then rescue my daughter. I just learned today our deal for me to make a lot of money, they may not be able to prove ownerhsip. I wonder if it will be someone else’s statues or whether the IMF and UN will get us the last one taken out from under me. I’m glad to read it’s eminent. I wish someone would earn a percentage of my profits to guide me daily where to put my energy. And also at night through the spirit world.