Three oracle pick a card piles with flower illustrations on them

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  1. Hi Emmamarie. I miss chatting with you more often. I have been too sick. This PA dropped me from 2 mg Dilaudid every 6 hours to 5mg Percoset every 6 hours 3 days ago. I am still sick. Still shaking. Constant migraine. I changed it to every 5 hours yesterday but still not well today. I have an emergency call in with the doctor and am still waiting to hear back. Life can be so hard. I did your “When will it Happen” and picked Orange flower. It looks like I will get through this final phase soon, but not yet. Need to try to continue meditating (even though everything hurts) but I will eventually get through this. I am behind in your readings but know you are having sleep problems again. I am in bed all day but cannot sleep. I am even taking CBD gummies for pain (they are legal in NJ) but they just make my symptoms worse and I withdraw from them felling worse. So sorry you are having sleep problems again. I understand. Even sick, my heart races and I do not sleep. Period. I cannot even imagine what you are going through. I am so blah I can’t do anything and have to accept these days. I can’t fight it or I will lose. I pray that the universe sends us healing powers and angels to help us get through this period. Thanks for being my friend. I know the light will come back… Peace….