Two women in a tarot reading

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  1. What is your opinion on decks that were gifted by ex partners? I’m going through a rough breakup and now my tarot deck doesn’t feel like it’s mine anymore. Should I give it back, or do I give it away?

    1. That’s a great question! It depends.

      In general, a gifted deck is unlikely to be a problem. You’re likely already infused it with your own energy. However, if this deck was gifted when a relationship was starting to go sour then there may be some negative energy in the cards.

      And even if there is NO negative energy, looking at the deck could make a person sad.

      The reason why your deck doesn’t feel like yours anymore is because it’s a gift and not necessarily related to tarot (but it’s use is affected). When you were using the deck, it reminded you of your relationship with your partner. But now that you aren’t together the same feeling it used to give you it no longer does. It feels alien. So it’s much harder to feel happy using it.

      You can either give it back or give it away. The feeling you’re having is personal. There’s nothing negative about the deck itself in this case.