Tarot and oracle pick a card piles

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  1. I’ve a question, how do I use traits? If I understood correctly I’m supposed to have luck as a trait or something??? And how do I connect with my ancestors?? I would like to find out more about this “purpose”…..

    1. The full understanding of luck is lost to us, as luck = a trait and not just good luck, but here’s an example: let’s say that a person’s ancestors tended to be courageous. This is a trait that would often be passed to their descendants, but it’s also something that could be given to someone they respected.

      It’s in essence a spiritual trait that’s inherited over time. For this reading, a life purpose is the luck/trait that’s inherited. So you’d share a similar life purpose to your ancestors. It would be modernized for the current day, though.

      There are many ways to connect to your ancestors. One you might really enjoy is to search “meet your ancestor meditation” on YouTube. Journaling and writing down your dreams is also a common method.

  2. Probably the most accurate reading I’ve ever had – and I’ve had some. I’ve always been interested in psychic phenomena and the occult. I do find some of the reading disturbing. Any way to go deeper?

    1. I usually find that a guided meditation after a tarot reading is really effective. It helps you process the reading but also connect your intuition to higher planes. I usually just use random meditations I find on YouTube or Spotify. 🙂