Three oracle pick a card piles from the Angel Guide deck: Pile 1 - Dog, Pile 2 - Elephant, Pile 3 - Turtle

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  1. Dear Emarie, as always – a colorful and interesting reading!

    The need to survive in this life is causing me anxiety, fear, and leads to a halt and block. Feeling helpless and limited, vulnerable and not free. I can only imagine how bad it is for people who do not have shelter, food, water, lost someone.. and yet we – the first world – are here – playing cards, playing destiny..

    After reading my spread I feel forced to make choices.
    For me now, it is hard for me to make a move, I am freaking out about where this will lead me and if an artist can survive. Ironic, but that is also described by my chosen spread. I almost fall to tears because of my current helplessness, and inability to change the situation. For one reason or another, there are many aversive, judging, comparing thoughts. Staying mindful of them – I can recognize these negative mind states and watch them come and go. Otherwise, I do feel like giving up on this whole game called life.. Feeling depressive today, winter came and it is all black. Feeling disenchanted from the world, and things that looked attractive or interesting, are now simple illusions, a lot of them created by our sense desires.
    There are few things that seem to make sense. One of them – to help others, but I do not have a slight clue who needs help. Everyone seems to be very private and closed off. People are not willing to open up. It is not easy to be a simple guy in the 21st century, and it is hard to go forward without belief that things will get better.

    I hope you are handling it somehow, too.

    Blessings, best wishes

    1. There is so much pain and suffering in the world today, Alex. It’s easy to fell lost and helpless in the crowd that’s also suffering, but never forget that your own unique challenges are worthy of notice and that you deserve healing.

      One thing I thought about while reading your comment is the idea of “learned helplessness.” This occurs when a person feels helpless because of past events. I feel like most of the world suffers from this and I feel you might be too.

      It’s important to understand that, even though there are things in your control that you aren’t aware are in your control, you have real obstacles that are hard to overcome. I have a sleep disorder that I can’t just will away with affirmations, but there are ways I was able to take control of my life in other ways.

      Don’t focus too much on trying to solve all your problems, since not all problems can be overcome. And remember you especially can’t solve the world’s problems either. Instead, try to find the things in your life that you can improve and focus on that.

      I recently watched a video on YouTube about this guy who encountered a wombat with mange in his backyard as a kid. He was so emotionally affected by this that he made it his life mission to go around the country and hunt down wild wombats to treat them. He was so passionate about this that he had jobs to support his charity work since he couldn’t make a career out of it.

      What I find inspiring about this story is that this man didn’t try to save the world: he just tried to make one small part of it better. That’s a lesson to remember when it comes to your own life and how you interact with others. It’s okay to focus on what you feel confident you can address.

      I find it helpful to create action rather than achievement goals.

      An artist, for example, might just decide that for the next year they’re going to paint 24 pieces of art, rather than try to sell millions of dollars worth or art. What if that artist wanted to transition to art that financially supported them? A better goal instead of “earn X amount of money per year” would be to send their portfolio to X amount of galleries over the year. Action vs achievement, but action eventually leads to progress.

      Try looking one year out and creating a SMART (specific, measureable, achievable, relevant, and time-based) goal like the ones above. 🙂