Three oracle pick a card piles with cute animal illustrations on them

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  1. You’re my favorite reader! I don’t know if you have any idea how many lives you’re impacting (and maybe saving). This reading just blew something open that has been crushing me for the last 17 years. Maybe it was just time for this message to land, but I somehow feel that the reading was meant for me. (I love your short paragraphs, by the way … that’s just enough for a meditation prompt to open the portal to a life-changing ka-pow from my guides!) Your light is beautiful 😇

      1. OMG!!! Emmamarie!!! I just did Take Back your Life. It moved me so much. I picked sheep because I’m partly Irish and when I went to Ireland there was Sheep everywhere. Blocking the Roads, everywhere! The reading was bang on again. It is everything I’m doing!!! Meditating everyday, becoming more spiritual. I have stabilized with my opioid withdrawal and now am at 2 mg every 6 hr 30 min. I got 4 hr 36 min sleep last night but got a hard 2 hour nap the morning of the 16th. That’s 6 hr 36 min total!!! I making progress. Thanks for your advice. I even did 40 min on the elliptical machine listing to high energy dance music this afternoon and was flying from endorphins!!! Tonight I planted a hydroponic garden on miniature petunias in my Living Room to have LIFE growing in my house without soil!! My whole life is changing thanks to your reading. You really are my guardian angel!