Three oracle card piles with flower stickers on them

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  1. Pile 1 and 2 here and they resonated with me. I am 39 years old and have just started going back to school to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. The inflation is hitting hard and I was thinking about quitting so I could go find a job to bring in more income. But I know I just need to stick it out and budget better. In the long run completing my schooling and being able to help others will have a greater impact in my life and not just with money. Thank you for this confirmation!!

    1. Your job is so important! Maybe you could create some printables or workbooks related to your profession that you can sell on Etsy to other social workers or to people with issues you see often to bring in some extra income. That way you aren’t working too far outside of what you’re doing each day. 🙂

      Just keep track of a list of problems and solutions that you encounter at work and I bet you could create something very much in demand! 🙂