Three tarot and oracle pick a card piles with flowers on them; decks used include the Golden Art Nouveau Tarot and Angels and Ancestors Oracle decks

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  1. to be honest I tried to watch some and a lot readings actually resonates a lot, I’d like to try personal reading but I am living overseas and I am afraid if it will hard to make payment, if there any ways to contact or booked when you are open , mind to reply me?

    I am from Indonesia
    thanks for the reply in advance
    warm regards

    1. Hi Tasha! I don’t have openings right now, but I’ll message you when I do. All my readings are normally on Etsy which I believe Indonesians can use. I may not have any readings open until December, however. There are a lot of tarot readers on Etsy that you can try if it’s an emergency. ๐Ÿ™‚