Three tarot and oracle pick a card piles with crystals on them

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  1. Good Morning, my first experience with your site, found through Medium Daily Digest. The fluorite reading, not sure when you prepared this reading; 100% checks all boxes, today as I listened. The decks I chose with your lovely animals, correct! There is so much to say and today, I smiled knowing, my intuition is correct, need to pivot a little. The interpretation of the cards, felt like you and I were sitting together. I think of how simple life would be as a florist, I said to miss you husband the other day, I need learning, back to school, would like to be a full time student for the rest of my chapters in life. Work is difficult, because of the leadership, not the job, taxing, yes. Your reading of my current career situation was incredibly accurate, and yet, we have never met, or have we? I am Pisces – March 2, and the Flourite recording was so accurate today. Thank you. I will connect with you. Have a beautiful day.